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J1814 Vintage RETRO FLORAL Prom Party White DRESS M L

Vintage style ,GYPSY TOP DRESS Condition : New & Excellent Length 35 inch (from shoulder to hem) Bust 32-38 inch (maximum 38 inch) Waist 22-32 inch (maximum 32 inch) (RECOMMENDED FOR WOMEN SIZE M-L) The best Quality of FABRIC. This DRESS is very cute, soft in "vintage style". ^_^. Next, color and pattern 're in "Vintage Style". WHITE DRESS WITH FLOWER PRINTED IS SO ATTRACTIVE!!! MADE FROM COTTON FABRIC. SMOCKED AT THE BACK. DECOR RUFFLE AND BUTTONS AT THE WAIST. DECOR RUFFLE AROUND THE V-NECK AND SLEEVE. TIE BOW AT THE BACK. THE NECKLACE IN THE PICTURE IS NOT INCLUDED.

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